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Songalong is an online tool for creating virtual choirs. We've been used by school teachers, church choir directors, and large music organizations worldwide.

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As seen in Emmy Award winning productions

Songalong had the privilege to collaborate with VocalEssence to help create the virtual choir elements of their Welcome Christmas concert in 2020. It was a privilege to support such talented performers and directors.

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How does it work?

Performers record using just one device

Songalong simplifies the virtual choir recording experience by providing a full suite of features in a single portal. No need to juggle many devices. Songalong can play a backing track, display sheet music, and record all at the same time!

Easy file management

All tracks, whether uploaded or recorded, are gathered into a single place in the cloud. No need to manage shared folders on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Build and edit your virtual choir

Editing is easy with Songalong. Rearrange the visual grid, balance the audio mix, and adjust the timing to ensure everything is in-sync.

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What can I create?

Virtual Ensembles

Any group of musicians can create a virtual production, and no one needs to leave the comfort of their homes! These are a joy for performers, directors, and audience members alike. Performers especially enjoy looking for their faces in the final collage.

Clone Choirs

Soloists love creating their own productions. After recording some parts, a soloist can become their own a capella group. The creative possibilities are endless.

Hybrid Choirs

Songalong productions don't have to be purely virtual. In-person concerts can be augmented by including recordings of performers who are not able to attend.

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